Lady on Beach Challenge Painting

Lady on Beach Challenge Painting

The Challenge Paintings

Every six weeks or so I do a challenge painting. So what is a challenge painting you ask? It is a challenge put out by usually an artist on the internet on a blog or a web page and other artists are encouraged to take the challenge , paint the version of the challenge and send it in. Then all are displayed so everyone can see them and add their comments.
I have joined a few of these challenges during the last year and find it very interesting to see the different ways art happens and the amazing ability of many kinds of artists.
The challenge this month on was to paint a portrait of a lady. A photo was given . On the original photo the lady was shown placed on a very complicated background so when I painted my effort I decided to simplify the portrait by placing her with the beach as a background. The other half of the fun of doing these challenges is to see how each artist interprets the challenge.
I have found over the months that this has encouraged me in a very positive way to find new ways of painting with different media. If you are an artist or even just like to paint to find a challenge and try it. I think you will like it.


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