Amtrak train, the Sunset Limited.

Alpine, TX
Amtrak train, the Sunset Limited.
This train runs from New Orleans to L A and we joined it on the 2nd day of our trip at San Antonio. We were sleeping in our carriage at the time so really didn’t know we were joining it. We awoke to find ourselves at dawn on the track going through the south west Texas desert/scrub land. Not really a pretty scene. We had one smoking stop where the train got refueled and Mike got out to take some photos of the Texas town of Alpine really close to the Big Bend area
Mural on wall in Alpine
During the day we went to breakfast , lunch and dinner and the scenery gradually changed to more desert than scrub land and brown and blue mountains appeared on the horizon. We were passing through Arizona and the scenery was more interesting especially as the clouds were forming over the mountains and then a small shower rained on us and there was even a rainbow forming over the mountains.
Somewhere in Arizona
Pretty soon it was time to go to bed again as we knew we would be up early as 6 am was the train arrival time for LA.

Well for a change Amtrak was early- very early as it arrived just after 4 a.m. We were off at 5a.m.and sat around the beautiful , but well used, Union Station.
Union Station LA
 It was pretty cool sitting in the station waiting for dawn until a restaurant opened so we could have breakfast. By 10 am we were on the next train the Coastal Starlight heading for our final destination Monterey.

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