Rambling Through My Dreams

The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary. 
~Ashleigh Brilliant
Its often hot and humid in North Texas making it easier to fall asleep in the afternoon.
I usually sit down after lunch and read and quite often I drift off for a little nap. I do notice though that on these catnaps I never seem to dream.
Mind you, I have noticed even at night, I don’t seem to dream much either or maybe I should say I don’t remember dreaming very often. Now Mike, on the other hand, seems to remember in great detail all the convoluted twist and turns of his dreams. His dreams seem to be concentrated on mostly the ordinary things in life; work , projects, traveling etc. He has reoccurring dreams too of running through the airport trying to get to the airplane on time. This must be a relic of his working days that has stayed with him after all these years. He often wakes up with a person on his mind who he saw in the dream , someone he knew ages ago but can’t remember the name. And then comes the invariable question, “ Remember that guy we went out with in London, the one with the piercing eyes and funny shirt? What was his name?”
When I wake up, immediately any dream I might have had, has disappeared. Just gone. I do remember once waking up because I was giggling and laughing so hard that it actually woke me up .And what was the dream about? I was in a dentist chair and had been having my teeth pulled out!! Dreams are very strange. Maybe it was my brain reminding me that I needed to go for a check up !!
The only other dream I can remember in detail was a dream I had when I was a very small child. I must have been about 3 or 4 years old. I was on a high wall of some kind in the middle of a big battle; there were soldiers wearing red and black uniforms and the noise and smoke and fire was everywhere, It was very real. Movie picture quality. Suddenly I felt a pain in my body and saw myself falling over a high wall,. I screamed , everything went dark and I woke up. Young as I was I can still feel how scared I felt. It might have been a night mare but it has lasted with me all these years. Where did that dream originate? I have thought about it and the dream could have been a reflection on the war and all the talk about World War 2 I would overhear but at my young age would not understand . This was in the days before television and I’m pretty sure I was too young to read so where did this dream come from. I often wonder about that.
The other thing I have noticed about dreams is that for years after we had moved from England to Canada and then to Texas , the dreams always seemed to reflect England. Even if I knew the house or the person in the dream was in Texas or Canada it always seemed to be in an English countryside. Now is that because I grew up in England and those are the oldest thoughts in my mind or because subconsciously I have never left England.
Some people reckon that if you take note of your dreams you can solve many problems. Seems logical to me. After all, if you think and think about a problem during the day, maybe at night your mind can work on it at night and then the answer is solved in a dream. Maybe that where the expression came from “ I’ll sleep on it”.
I know at one time they ( remember the department of they) said that if you wanted to learn anything you should tape it and put in under your pillow at night so the information would go into your brain and you would learn and remember your new subject. I have never tried it but not sure I could go to sleep with a voice coming from under my pillow.
Dream catcher photo wikipedia
Then there is the other kind of dream that maybe originates at night but becomes during the daylight an aspiring thought; something you plan or dream to do at some time. Maybe we should ask kids,”What do you dream you would like to do when you are grown up?” rather than “What do you want to be when you are grown up?” I think the answers would be very different. Dreams give you the idea of infinite possibilities. Maybe that is why we dream at night because then all our dreams become possibilities.
So as the song goes Dream on, dream on, dream until your dreams become true.
Or you could invest in a dream-catcher. That way only good thoughts and dreams will filter through the web and bad thoughts will fade with the light.
And do listen to Gary Wright singing . “Dream weaver” at youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N1wnJoFAl4 and continue to believe in your dreams.
Sweet dreams you’all.

Paw Prints

I ask myself this question all the time.

Source of Inspiration


Prints on the dirt road
tell tales of night visitors.
They slither, creep, hop
leaving their calling card trails.

We have an agreement.
I walk the path through the day
and leave it for them at night,
each enjoying the serenity
of the floresta
without infringing
on the other.

How is it that mankind
has not figured out how
to live in harmony with all?
What is it in our nature
that trades peace for greed
and aggression?

Where do we start to
reverse this need for dominance?
Is it a fantasy to think we
can have a world based
on love and respect?

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A Sneeze

I love how this poet take the siplest thing and can find larger meaning in it. Also loved the video.

Source of Inspiration

A sneeze
stops time
all ceases
to exist in
that moment

Then time is reset
and we start again.
Watch for these
moments when
we have an
opportunity to stop
and start again,
hopefully with
more wisdom
and love in our hearts.

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Elephant’s Tale

Such a lovely poem,so calming in its thoughts.

Source of Inspiration


The more I learn
the less I know
for all opens doors
to that which I’ve
never considered.

We are ants on the
tail of the elephant
thinking we know
the entirety of
what we see.

Perhaps I will quit
learning before I
become irrevocably
ignorant of what
life is really about.

Yet more and more
I want to know
who I really am,
why I am here,
what purpose has
my life, for this
I must seek
and risk knowing
less and less.

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The painting challenge in December

This month’s paint challenge on Paint and Draw together I found very difficult not especially because of the wine glass or the rose but painting them with a very dark background was the big problem. This is very true if you are using watercolor paints. To get a dark tone , multiple washes have to be made.


I cheated a little because I left a space for the rose and masked the very white places on the wine glass so the final painting was okay but not one of my best. I do admire the other artists who did great paintings.